If ever there was a reason not to execute a person on California’s Death Row, Tookie Williams is that reason. He is
an example of how bad turns to good; how rational thinking wins out over drugs and violence; how a society
learns to love thy enemy. Killing him will only nourish and encourage others to kill with reckless abandon.

When they execute Tookie it will be a shattering example of how it matters little if you change from bad to good,
from killer to preacher of peace. The message to gang bangers and murderers is hurry and kill as many as you
can. It does no good to reach out the hand of forgiveness or admit absolute wrong doing. In the end, the
government will seek to satisfy the angry mob – stone him, hang him, gas him, electrocute him, inject him, and
end his life in a glorious violent example of justice.

Once you come down from a drug induced stupor of madness and murder, you too will die. Hurry young men and
women, kill as many as you can, quickly and brutally. No one will ever love you again; there is no forgiveness for
your reform. Not even your change of heart can sway the government’s mob.

This is California’s message for those that witnessed a changed man. Tookie Williams, it doesn’t matter. Our
government would rather follow a killer’s footprints and repeat the cycle of revenge and hate with an old fashion

Kill like a madman. Kill to teach the youth of today that killing is Justice at work. Killing is the right thing to do. The
execution of the Tookie Williams of today is a vastly different human being than the man found guilty of murder
years ago. It serves no real purpose. It will not bring back the dead, and it will not make the world a better or safer
place to live. It will only prove that the letter of the law is used to oppress us and the spirit of the law is used to
protect those who drive us to kill.
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Kill Me Not Tookie Williams
What example are we setting for out children?