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Sabor A Mi
"Instead of listening to Mozart, they listened to you."

The song Sabor A Mi has had special meaning over the years. I grew up listening to different renditions of it. The
groups and people that sang it were El Chicano, Tierra, Jose Feliciano, Luis Miguel, and of course Los Lobos, as well
as thousands more. Many people say it is the real Mexican National Anthem...not really.

The Lobos played it for us at our wedding reception at the American Legion Hall in Montebello. My parents sponsored
the reception and it was a surprise after we got married at the 3rd Street Court house a few weeks earlier.

Learning to play the song came from my best friends, who were also my classmates at Cal State LA.  It was during the
mid-seventies and the early stages of Chicano Studies Department at our University.

Recently, my wife reminded me that I used to get my guitar out and sing it to my children while they were in the
bathtub.  I would sit on the toilet and play it over and over while they played with the rubber ducks. lol She later said,
"Instead of listening to Mozart, they listened to you.” Ta Loca….that is true love. And so with all its flaws, still, I sing it
for you…Drink a beer.  It might help.


Robert (Bob) Bracamontes
Yu-va'-tal 'A'lla-mal
(Black Crow)
Acjachemen Nation,
Juaneno Tribe