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Letter to President-Elect Obama
Dear President-Elect Obama,

It is with great pride that I share my story with you and how my family supported you during your raise to power. I
put it in these terms because now in the face of the 21st century depression you have the power to engineer a
new system, one that will never let this happen again. You and I both know that the brunt of this economic disaster
is not hurting those executives at AIG that continue to party like rock stars with taxpayer bailout money. Those
that are on the verge of oblivion are the workers of this country. Yet, Bush is still ignoring workers by not helping
the auto industry where so many of us are connected and rely on for paychecks. So, how will you use this power
to make substantial change to a broken system?

My story has always revolved around my children, of who three received their college education at Harvard and
the other two at Stanford and Berkeley Law School.  As a lawyer Michael went to Florida to over see the counting
of votes, as you turned this state blue. Gus went to Nevada to help with your campaign before your national victory.
The rest of my family voted for you.

What I believe we need is a hybrid economic system. A system that can extract profit, not just from workers
paychecks in terms of taxes (the governments profit), but one that sets percentage ceilings to prevent the greed
and corruptions seen in the global oligarchies of our time. I believe the term is user friendly. The time is right to go
forward with something so bold. I think you have touched on this when mentioning a kind of equilibrium.

I have been a truck driver for 35 years. I was laid off this week because of the economic slow down. This is my
resume Barack.  Do you dare take me in? I need the money. If there is no room in your cabinet for a working class
person, then where is there a place for us in your government?

I remain,
Robert Bracamontes