Rita is like so many young beautiful Latinas that pack it up and leave for college. They need to be
reminded what makes them beautiful intellectual human beings beyond the popular media definition.
The superficial beauty in the media is like a mirage, you do not realize how fake it is until you get
close. But Rita and others are beautiful and great because they think of other people when it comes
to life choices, not themselves. This is the kind of beauty that lies in the heart, compassion and true
love for humankind. These are the young women that need are unbinding support. And every man
should dream that one day a women so caring shell lead him to her side. Rita recently let me know
what was on her mind.

“I decided to go back to East L.A. and make sure that the numbers go up, the percentage of Latinos
that are eligible for entrance to the UC system is only 4%. They do not meet the requirements. I can’t
believe it. I felt bad, the numbers appalled me, but at the same time inspired me to change my major
and go into the field of education.”

In an elitist society so called requirements are nothing else but a way to discriminate, rather than
measuring potential, desire, creativity, compassion and commitment, they only measure the
abstract construct of the social being. If society was genuinely interested in higher education it
would allow anyone that wanted to go full access to college for free. But instead we see obstacles
that disproportionately affect the already underrepresented.

Rita almost causally says,”I started about 2 and half weeks ago and it seems a little too easy, I must
be doing something wrong.”

We must be proud and just as important we need to realize that we are smarter, more
knowledgeable about a world where the majority of humankind lives, the third world, the world of
poverty and hardship, and the world that suffers from the oppression by the few. As we approach a
better understanding and a mature picture of our station in life of course it appears easier to
comprehend the world at large.  

I always tell my pollitos, children, to seek out a PhD or Edd because then, to some extent, the system
has to respect you and what you have accomplished. I know for some it takes many years, but it is
important to keep that door open for those that are watching you. The very ones that you want to help
and that need help are depending on it.

Rita has already made up her mind to help others and that defines who she is. It is ok if she teaches,
counsels, becomes superintendent, a billionaire, senator, ceo, or president of the white house,
because we trust her.

We know you, you are from the barrio, our home. We will always love you as you have chosen to love

-Robert Bracamontes
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