How It All Began
Bob is a second generation trucker and has been driving a semi-truck for 32
years and counting.  In 1998 he put his college degree to good use and submitted
an article in hopes of becoming the community columnist for a local section of
Los Angeles Times. Bob’s article was a hit and he wrote for the Times for the
next 2 years. His column focused on the local neighborhoods of Pico Rivera,
Montebello, East LA, Downey, and City of Commerce. During his tenure with the
Times, Bob met many fascinating people and became a local celebrity - his
picture appeared next to his weekly column.

His popularity reached its zenith when a man at Magicuts™ stopped Bob and
asked, “Are you that columnist from the
Times?” Unfortunately the good times of
being under a deadline didn’t last and the local section of the paper was shut
down in the fall of 2000. When the section was cancelled Bob continued writing,
reaching his audience and fans via spam email. Bob’s articles have since been
published on other political websites, used in University lectures.

Love at First Sight
As a scrawny seventh grader at Griffith Junior High School, Bob met the love of
his life, Patricia, who lived only a few blocks away from him. After years of
literally chasing her all the way to the girls’ restroom, Bob got his first kiss from
Pat – on the forehead. Despite countless marriage proposals and countless
rejections, Bob never gave up. His persistence would eventually pay off, as he
and Pat got married in 1977. They went on to raise five lovely children and
currently reside only a few miles from where they grew up.

About Bob